Survival Tools

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waterproofing boots

DIY Waterproofing for Clothes & Boots

As far as Nature’s elements, being cold is possibly the worse natural physical agony a person can experience. (Tip: Keep a waterproof lighter with you so you don’t get caught …

life straw filter

Economic Collapse Preparation

essentials for surviving
gas mask

9 Easy Steps To Make Your Own Gas Mask

Off Grid Energy

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Learn About Solar Batteries

Bubble Wrap As Insulation

The 3 Best Batteries For An Off-Grid Energy System

Basics of Geo-thermal Power

Insulating Windows With Bubble Wrap

Solar: Basic Science


God Help America

Who Cares About Batteries? You Should.

First Aid

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is my cut infected or just healing

Is My Cut Infected or Just Healing

Everyone has had them. That little splinter of wood or metal in your finger that is so small you can’t see it without a magnifying glass, that turns into a …

Avoid Death by Poisoning

What to do if Snake Bitten


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Camouflage the Art of Non-Existing

For those who do not believe they will ever be confronted with a scenario of having to use camouflage to hunt an enemy, about 98% of us, use the techniques …

Trapping with Snares

Let’s Talk Primitive Range Finders: